Phabulous Porch remodel

A custom build with cedar woodwork.

About the project

Designed to feel like inside while outside, the Phabulous Porch remodel began with an existing screen porch that needed to be expanded to allow for better entertaining. With a space too small for large groups and no way to get from the house to the porch without going outside, it was time to upgrade. We looked at expanding out but the landscape and the structure didn’t allow for that so we took a different approach. We expanded into the garage and were able to make the changes the owners were looking for. We put a door into the house from the porch through what used to be a broom closet. It created more light in the kitchen and gave the family a way to get from the house to the porch without having to go out in the weather or bugs.

Replacing the decking with two tone planks gave the space some great definition. We also covered the walls and ceiling with clear finish cedar to give it some rustic feel while also incorporating some modern touches in the lights and space heaters.

The screened-in porch also includes floor to ceiling windows for an open air feeling. The bottom panels are tempered glass for safety and the upper section are slider style panels to keep out wind or rain if the weather turns sour.

With a porch designed to be inviting and unique, it’s a place to gather with family and friends no matter what the weather outside.

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