Tiny House Construction

Modern framing, engineered for the road

About the project

Framing a Tiny House is similar to a conventional house with the added requirements to withstand a 55 MPH wind as it travels down the road!  A Tiny House is built on a specially designed trailer making it mobile but structurally sound.

The triple axle trailer has a strong steel framework designed to handle the weight of the house.  The floor contains tubing for the hydronic heating system.  Walls are framed with 2 x 4 and insulated with closed cell spray foam.  Windows are maintenance free vinyl and the siding is LP Smartside with a factory applied paint finish.  The roof is covered with OSB sheathing then topped with corrugated steel.

Traditional electrical and plumbing is run throughout the house and brought to a central connection point where it can be connected to an existing system.  This particular Tiny House employs a compost toilet so a central sewage system is not required.

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