Tiny House Kitchen

Modern Amenities in a Tiny Space

About the project

You can never have too much kitchen space, so we brainstormed clever designs that use every available inch!

Stairs that double as a pantry, counter tops that fold out of the way and cabinets in every niche optimize the limited space we had.

In this project, our dual focus was the use of the space as well as the feel. We wanted to make this tiny house a home.  Compact appliances and open shelving, relocating the sink faucet to the side, and splurging on an all-in-one washer/dryer combo tucked under the counter maximized space and provided modern convenience.

The custom artwork on the wall greets  guests as they arrive and folds down to become the family dinner table at meal time.  The benches fold up and hang in front of the washer/dryer when not in use, creating more floor space for traffic in the kitchen.

Thank you for sharing!

Tiny House Construction Big Lake Monticello MN