Elegant Relaxation

Main Floor Makeover

About the project

This project started out as a porch remodel and turned into a main floor renovation. We had originally discussed expanding the porch and building a patio and doing a few simple improvements to the interior of the house. Once we began planning out changes for the inside, the porch got put on hold and we started to do a full scale renovation of the main floor.

We removed all the flooring in the main floor and also the upstairs hallway and installed a rustic oak engineered nail down floor. There were a few unique enhancements to the floor in the form of an inlaid herringbone tile floor rug inside the main entrance. There was also an inlaid fireplace hearth made of marble tile to tie the fireplace surround in to design. We removed the old tile from the fireplace and replaced it with marble tile for a modern and sleek look.

In addition to replacing all the flooring on the main floor and upstairs hallway, we also completely remodeled the master bathroom. An old whirlpool tub and grungy shower needed to be removed, we took out the vanity and had it updated with a new coat of paint to lighten the look and feel of the bathroom. The designer, Laura Mitchell Interior Designs, decided to add a unique freestanding soaker tub with antique fixtures and a classy design in place of the whirlpool. We also improved the shower by removing the half wall where the tub used to sit to allow for a full-length glass panel and door to be installed, allowing more light and a larger feel. The back wall of the shower is accented with a Byzantine Arabesque tile that contrasted the marble on the other two walls of the shower. The penny tile floor adds a comforting feeling to your feet.

To complete the look, we updated the trim around the house with new paint and also had the walls painted. The stairs were updated with a carpet runner encased between oak wood stair caps and risers to give a classier feel.

One change requested by the homeowners more than anything else was the addition of a pull-out garbage can. They used to have a trash compactor and removed that and replaced it with two garbage cans that were always falling over or spilling out of the opening. We built a new cabinet frame to house the pullout waste basket system and added a matching paneled door to blend with the existing kitchen style. It was the highlight of the whole project. No more mess!

All in all, it was major renovation made by improving small things to make for a large impact. When form and function combine, it makes something fantastic.

Thank you for sharing!

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