Same Old, Different New

Tile, Cabinetry, and Creativity

About the project

This is the story of an old bathroom needed to be upgraded and updated. When first meeting with this couple, they wanted to make some simple changes to the look of the bathroom by changing the vanity and the flooring. After looking at the project, we discussed adding a shower to the master bathroom, as they only have one shower in the home. Being an older couple, we decided to leave the shower in the one main bath and focus on making this bathroom more modern and organized.

We began by removing all the tile from the existing bathroom and the poured floor on top of the subfloor. We then installed an uncoupling membrane to ensure the tile would last and not crack as the structure beneath it moves with the seasonal changes. We removed all the tile around the bathroom walls to give a more modern feel.

After demolition was complete, we began with the new installation of tile. We decided on a small tile to make a herringbone design really stand out. With large tiles in the small bathroom, there wouldn’t have been much pattern left, so we opted for a smaller tile to create more interest. Once the tile was installed, we set to work getting the vanity built and installed. With a narrow space to work with, we had to maximize storage space. This is evident in the design of the upper drawers of the vanity. Cutting down the sides of the drawers to accommodate the sink bowl and yet maintain use was pretty tricky. The bottom drawer is large enough to house toilet paper and also fit under the plumbing.

New trim and an elegant cultured marble sink top brought this project to completion. With a focus on simplicity and really putting emphasis on a few specific areas, we were able to make this bathroom much more inviting. It took a bit of planning to make this project a success, but with the coordinated effort of everyone involved, we were able to provide a much needed update to the bathroom without having to make any major changes to the rest of the house.

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