Elegance Reborn – The Master Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel, Walk-in Shower, Custom Cabinetry

About the project

At JB Home Improvers we love a good challenge, including a bathroom remodel that allows us to flex our creative muscle. We love making the impossible, possible; making the dream a reality; taking a space and transforming it into an experience. This master bathroom remodel was one such challenge: try to make a small room seem spacious!

A master bath should be elegant, unique, and expansive.  However, that can be difficult when your floor space is limited.  This project started with a bathroom that felt anything but “Master”.  With a few design tweaks, we were able to make it feel twice as big.  See for yourself.

A leaky shower took this bathroom out of commission. We removed the shower and whirlpool tub to open up space for visual perspective. We then opened the floor and relocated plumbing and electrical to better utilize the space they had.  We also added convenience by installing a new 36″ tall vanity; a comfort height, elongated stool; and a grab bar.

By relocating the vanity and toilet, and incorporating a glass door and wall on the shower, we created a space that is much more convenient and grandiose; the way a Master Bath should be.

Removing the whirlpool tub and small fiberglass shower  allowed us to create a grand walk-in shower, complete with spa wand, rain-head shower, and granite corner bench. A gorgeous set of linen cabinets and a vanity that stands alone compliment the space perfectly.

This bathroom really did become the Master Bathroom! Just imagine what could happen with yours.

Thank you for sharing!

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