Classic Cedar Deck Remodel

Aluminum accents, Deck and Outdoor space

About the project

What comes to mind when you think of summer? Camping, picnics, boating? Maybe BBQ. What better place to enjoy a summer BBQ than on a stylish cedar deck? Away from the noise, the distractions of life and work, and out enjoying nature.  This classic cedar deck remodel began with a composite deck in need of lots of repair.

The decision was made to remove the current surface and rebuild with natural materials for a more classic look. We tore off the old material and rebuilt some of the structure because there was some damage from the elements over the years. After fixing the structural issues, we began laying down the natural wood surface.

The steps basically fell off the deck so we constructed new stringers and stairs. Once the decking was done, we got to work assembling the handrails. After just a couple days, this deck was back in business! By combining natural and man made materials, we had a project that fit in nicely to the surroundings. Using black aluminum spindles gives the handrail some class while still maintaining easy viewing through the railings.

After a few days to rebuild, this deck is ready for many more summer BBQs.

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