Airstream Petie remodel

Small storage makes a Big difference

Closet organizers, custom cabinetry

About the project

A good friend of ours came to us a few years back and asked us to improve her Airstream. She had seen our tiny house project and wanted us to make some changes to her camper to better suit her needs and desires. After a good chat about what she was looking for, we set to work drawing different plans and getting dimensions for the renovations.

To say this Airstream remodel was a tricky build is an understatement. The walls were neither straight or square. Most of the wiring for the camper ran behind the existing closet system. We had to maintain access to those things for future maintenance and yet maximize the storage she was looking for. Incorporating her ideas and our expertise into a camper that had no flat surfaces made for quite the challenge. We are not ones to give up easy though and after some creative designing and manufacturing, we had an ideal setup for her.

We were able to match the existing materials in the camper and provide a seamless transition from existing to new without making it look out of place. In order to keep the drawers shut during transport, we incorporated some camper latch systems. We also created a custom slide out hanger slot for things that just shouldn’t be folded.

With a newly remodeled closet, we had one happy camper!

Thank you for sharing!