Aging on the Vine

Bathroom, Shower, Tile, Cabinetry


Aging doesn’t have to mean giving up the beautiful things in life. This bathroom was originally built with a tub/shower unit that was too high to comfortably get into at a more mature age.

We removed the tub/shower unit and replaced it with an elegant ceramic tiled shower that is easy to use.  This shower incorporates a custom made stone bench, grab bar, a dual function shower head, and an adjustable handheld shower wand that can be used while standing or seated.

This bathroom renovation also includes a new custom made linen cabinet, a new 36″ tall vanity, and a comfort height toilet making this master bathroom comfortable and functional for years to come.

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Lakeview getaway - vanityCustom wood handrails that enhance safety and beauty of a reglar staircase.