No Equity Loans for your home and more.

Stunning hickory kitchen complete with heated floors, full extension drawers, and a massive 9ft x 6ft islanad.

We are frequently asked our opinion about anything and everything relating to home improvement.  With 20 years experience, we usually have a sensible idea … or two.

Financing home improvements is always the bottom line for homeowners, yet not always discussed with the contractor due to the sensitive nature of family finances.

We felt it was important to shed some light on this very important topic, especially since our homes aren’t getting any younger!

Maybe you recently experienced an HVAC system failure; your dishwasher flooded the kitchen, or a spouse that insists it’s time for a decorating update or facelift.  Realistically, the first thing you need to assess is the financial cost.

“…a great option for homeowners that do not have much equity in their home.”

Fortunately, there is an option for those who have not been able to set aside a pile of money for home improvements.

No Equity Loans

This option has become increasingly popular because borrowers do not incur huge closing costs that are typically associated with a traditional home equity loan.  It is also a great option for homeowners that do not have much equity in their home.  In addition, tax deductions may be allowed on certain loan types according to the NOLO law website.

Lightstream Lending is the go-to lender for fast, low interest no equity loans.  They finance nearly everything, from ice houses to family adoptions.  See their Current Rates

No equity loans. For remodleing, repairs, improvements, and almost anything else.

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